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Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

+++A Few Things to Remember:+++

Two dinner meals will be required, that are the same as what you are serving your guests. One for the photographer and one for the second shooter.  If you do not have a second shooter booked, the additional meal will be for the lighting assistant.  A designated place for the photographers to eat will need to be figured out with your venue, prior to the wedding day and communicated with the photographer the day of.  Neither the lead photographer nor the second shooter has any dietary restrictions.  

We do not guarantee any specific photographs but will do our best to handle any specific shot requests if they are given to us prior to the day of the wedding.

Family shot lists/groupings need to be sent to the photographer prior to the wedding date and time will need to be allotted for those during your wedding day.

A copy of your finished timeline will need to be sent ASAP to the photographer.  Once sent, the photographer will notify you of any changes that should be made in order to get photos in the best lighting possible.  

Please be sure to revisit the contract you signed during booking to go over all the requirements for our service.

The final payment is due prior to the wedding.  If you are paying by check on the day of your wedding, the check must be handed to the photographer upon arrival, before shooting begins.  

Thanks for submitting!



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