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Wedding Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation:


The retainer amount paid at contract signing is forfeited. 

This is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


If your package included an engagement session:

The engagement session pricing is due in full, since it no longer is a part of the package, and is not covered in the non-transferable retainer fee that was already paid.  The engagement session fee is $400. Travel charges may also be added to this, based on the photographers' mileage incurred for the engagement session.  Anything over 30 miles from the photographers' location will be billed on top of the engagement session fee.


The remaining balance due on your account:


If the wedding date is 90 days or more away, just the engagement fee is due.


If the wedding date is less than 90 days out, there is a portion of the balance due that is owed to Anne-Marie Photography based on the below percentages:


60-90 days out:  25% remaining balance is due


30-60 days out:  50% remaining balance is due.


0-30 days out:  100% remaining balance is due.



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